Student Successes 2019

Do you want to be like these successful students and get your photo here. 

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Hannah from Dorchester Passed 24/09/2019








Becky from Woolstone Passed 02/09/2019







Alex from Hagbourne Passed 04/07/2019







Jacob from Wantage passed Aug 2019

 Alternate veh used Inst on Holiday.









Shayliah from Abingdon Passed 02/07/2019








Joe from Wootton Passed 18/06/2019








Geet from Wantage Passed 13/06/2019








Marcus from Grove passed 30/05/2019







Adam from Harwell Pass 29/05/2019







Hannah from Kennington Pass 26/03/2019







Johnny from Oxford Uni Pass 21/03/2019








Charlotte from Hanney Pass 26/02/2019








Zach from Abingdon Passed 21/01/2019

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