Student Successes 2014

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Donna from Didcot Passed 28/01/2014





Jessica from Oxford Passed 29/01/2014





Candice from Oxford Passed 29/01/2014





Mayra from Kidlington Passed 31/01/2014





Rebecca from Didcot Passed 13/02/2014





Vicky from Wantage passed 13/03/2014





Daniel from Dorchester Passed 18/03/2014





Josh from Woolstone Passed 26/4/2014

Connor from Yarnton Passed 01/05/2014





Theresah from Didcot Passed 19/05/2014





Kurt from Berinsfield Passed 17/06/2014





Lucy from Abingdon passed 26/06/2014





Vicky from Oxford Passed 10/07/2014





Kevin from Berinsfield Passed  21/08/2014





Ambreen from Oxford Passed 29/08/2014





Megan from Shillingford Passed 04/09/2014





Simone from Oxford Passed 11/09/2014





Clym from Frilford Passed  14/10/2014





Nedret from Harwell Passed 24/10/2014





Kate from Kidlington Passed 03/11/2014





Amy from Oxford Passed 05/11/2014





Richard from Didcot Passed 11/12/2014

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