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Offer open to any one way driving school pupil - past or present, when you refer a friend , family member, neighbour or work colleague to me for lessons and if that person books 3 or more lessons then you will receive a £20 gift voucher for a store of your choice. (1 voucher per referral)

So here's the chance for you to reclaim some of your lesson money !!!


The more people you refer that book lessons the more vouchers you will receive - so get the word out on those social sites and get earning today.

(Remember to tell the new pupil to give your name as referring them when they call so I know who to send the voucher to).



Have you ever wondered what it is like to drive when your drunk and the danger you pose to both yourself and others. Everyone thinks its okay to have a drink ( its okay its just the one !!) and then get behind the wheel of a car We will show you the myth behind that thought and let you experience first hand the implications and seriousness of that course of thinking in a fun and safe enviroment (without the use of the alcohol)

Learning with onewaydrivingschool you can find out first hand by using our set of world renouned Beer Goggles to see the simulated effect of having that drink, below is a description of what they do.


Twilight Vision Impairment Goggles - blood alcohol content .10 to .17


One truly effective way of reinforcing the 'don't drink and drive' message is by demonstrating just what it feels like to be drunk and how dangerous it can be.

The best and easiest way of doing that is with a pair of DIA Twilight Vision Impairment Goggles for blood alcohol content 0.10 to 0.17.

These unique goggles simulate the effects of impairment, including reduced alertness, slowed reaction time, confusion, visual distortion, alteration of depth and distance perception, reduction of peripheral vision, poor judgement and decision making, double vision, and lack of muscular coordination.

The DIA Vision Impairment Goggles are key to hitting home the dangers of mixing alcohol and driving.

The goggles have been sourced by Drunk Busters of America and are now used in 57 different countries worldwide.

Book lessons with me and you can see for yourself the potential devastating effect of mixing alcohol and driving and why you shouldn't do it for your own and everyone elses sake before its too late.








******NEW PRICES FROM 1st                               NOVEMBER 2019                                       See Prices Tab******                                                                                          


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General Lesson Price - 1.5 hr Session :-




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Block of 6 x 1.5hr Lessons :-


Cost of lesson = £55.00

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Block of 10x 1.5hr Lessons:-


Cost of lesson £54.00

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Test Date Lesson Price

Includes :-

Travel to / from Test Centre

 Pre Test lesson

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Reduced rate for 10 hours of lessons

You can now book 10 hours of lessons with us in advance and we'll give you a discount! Ask for details when you call.

Driving Lessons Terms and Conditions

Please find below the terms and conditions governing all lessons with One Way Driving School Oxford.

1. All driving tuition is conducted on a one to one basis, and I do not use a piggy back system where one learner driver drops the last student home at the beginning of their lesson.
2. All driving lessons must be paid for at the beginning of the tuition session.
3. Lesson cancellation - If either you or the driving instructor needs to cancel a training session then a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given. If a learner driver fails to give a full day's notice before the driving lesson of a cancellation, the instructor reserves the right to charge for the lesson. Repeated late notice training session cancellations could result in a refusal to offer anymore bookings to the client. While I know emergencies do occur, it is in the interest of protecting the driving instructor's income to require 24 hrs notice or a payment in lieu, as a day to fill any gaps in the instructor's diary from a cancellation is required.
4. All payments made in advance are the clients, and will be returned on request minus any driving tuition already given in accordance to the DSA code of conduct.
5. I offer a friendly and warm learning environment, good instructors do not shout at students or act abusive in any manner and I would expect the same respect from all our learner driver clients in return.
6. I offer honest advice, and do not hold anyone back from progressing or booking their driving test in any of the centres close to Oxford but do advice all provisional licence holders to discuss test bookings with me to avoid the issue of unavailability on a test date.

By taking driving lessons in Oxford or the surrounding area with One Way Driving School, you are agreeing to the above mentioned terms and conditions.

24/09/12 - Brand new vehicle - Vauxhall corsa Eco flex ordered and due to be delivered at the start of November 2012.

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Reduced rates

If you book 9 or 15 hours of lessons with me i'll give you a discount off the normal hourly rate !!


Have you ever wondered what it is like to drive when your drunk Now you can try it safely without the alcohol - see news section for more details. 

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